Oct 10th, 2017 - updated (GASP!)
We could direct you to Jim's website, but you are already here, so... might as well. Some exciting news:

Jim is has joined along with artists like CeeLo Green, Melissa Etheridge, Fantasia, Cypress Hill, Eric Benét, Brandy, Yanni, Def Leppard, etc. and is now represented by Primary Wave Entertainment. Check out the site, pretty cool!

He will be joining Gwen Stefani in promoting her new Christmas album out this fall - with TV appearances on Jimmy Fallon, Ellen and the famed Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. We're very excited about all this!

Lastly, Jim is currently working with Warner Bros. and Capitol Records as Musical Director for new artists Mikey Mike and Jada Grace. Check them out if you're so inclined.

If you don't believe us - it's all here! Quite a few things that Jim has been involved in.

Sep 16th, 2017 - The creature lives!!! Update from Jim!
We got a couple of updates from Jim this month. Not to us unfortunately,  but on the social meadia. No matter, we are glad that he is still kicking:

Says Jim:

Hello everyone! Greetings from Seoul, South Korea! Been here a few days playing with Gwen Stefani - which has been great (and a story for another time). But today is a special day for another reason. I am very excited to announce the release of Marc Broussard's new album Easy To Love! I produced and co-wrote many of the songs on this album and I am extremely proud of it. We touched on a lot of styles and vibes, but essentially, this is a true Marc album. For those of you familiar with Marc's music and his voice, you know that he is one of the most soulful singers around. I have known him ever since the great producer Marshall Altman asked me to play keys on Carencro (Marc's first major label release in 2004). Since then, Marc and I have collaborated many times over the years, but I can say without a doubt, that this is his best work in years. There are many wonderful tracks on this album, but Memory of You and Don't Be Afraid To Call Me are stand outs for me. Don't miss Steve Fekete's incredible guitar solo on Don't Be Afraid to Call Me. It was great working with my man GT (Greg Troyer on bass) who is layin it DOWN!, And as always, the incomparable drumming of Chad Gilmore (who is also a co-writer on many of these songs). Killer mixes by Chris Thompson! Kudos to Justin Tocket for producing the hell out of this as well.

Another thing I love about this record, is the true collaboration of all of the people mentioned above. We made this record all over the country. We wrote and recorded in Los Angeles, and Monterey, CA - and in New Orleans and Houma, LA. With so many records being made by one or two people with a laptop and a limited amount of live playing, I am especially proud of the ACTUAL real musicians, live playing and true collaboration that went into the making of this album. So, Please Please Please (that's one of the songs on the album) check this album out. It's on all of the digital platforms - and you can purchase physical copies (for people like me who still do that) from his website. Since I produced half of this album, I would love it if you could listen to the tracks and let me know which ones you think I wrote/produced. I've never done anything like that, and I would genuinely love to hear your reactions (and it might be kind of fun). Thanks in advance and please know that I (and everyone who helped make this album) truly appreciates your support.


Jan 22nd, 2017 - Jim started the year on a high note!
Most of last year Jim spent buried in his studio working with various people, so we hardly saw any of him except an odd fuzzy Instagram photo here and there.

But this year started with a bang as far as public exposure goes.

Jim and Steve Fekete performed in Gwen Stefani’s backup band during a corporate gig in Las Vegas - Jan 05 or Jan 06 or maybe even 07 – depends which corner of the world you live in. The event was  the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and Gwen performed at Aria Resort and Casino’s Jewel Night Club as part of that deal.

Jim and Steve were obviously stoked about it – here are a couple of selfies from the airport and the flight -
I IIThat’s how we learned about the gig and the rest is Google. BTW, Jim has a lot better phone camera, no offence Steve!

It seems that it was a very cool show. Alas, Gwen is a diva and doesn’t share the limelight with her band - all grey shadows in the dark background -  so no decent photos or movies.

However, owing by the numerous grainy brag posts on Twitter and Instagram, we were able to surmise that Steve was on solo guitar and Jimmy was on keys, playing and shouting “Hollaback Girl” from the top of their lungs.

But it appears that it wasn’t a one off deal!

Rumor has it that Gwen and her band have been rehearsing in Burbank, CA for the past few days. It all points to an upcoming (albeit not announced yet) performance. Steve is there and Jim posted a cryptic clip on Instagram as well. Another rumour points to a Vegas show again. We asked Jim to confirm but he is with Gwen freaking Stefani (no less!) now, so not holding our breath. We will know soon enough! Again, thank you Google and our prodigious searching skills.

Speaking of which, we were able to unearth that Jimmy spent a couple of days in Shreveport, LA  Echophone Recording Studios playing keyboard for the new studio record of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the famous blues-rock guitarist and guitar prodigy in the the 90’s. Jim seemed very excited about it, cuz he replied to our tweet and said, "Such a great time working on this album with @KWShepherd".

Here are some photos and a little movie we put together from the Facebook Livestream that Kenny posted the other day.

So all in all, a promising start of 2017 for every Jim fan. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

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