Apr 8th, 2018 : It's not easy to run sunfired lately. Jim is probably holed up in his studio, producing various people. Plus an occasional corporate gig with Gwen where he is blended in the background. I guess Gwen is too much of a celebrity to interact with the band (Avril Lavigne anyone???). Anyway, I live in hope for some new Jim music. In the interim - lots of stuff in our archive to enjoy. Say, this photo of The Best Damn Band in Tokyo in 2011 (thanks Ira Kravitz!) or Jimmy covering U2's "With or Without You" just because he feels like it. 
Mar 26th, 2018: Video: Jim recently in a studio, producing Laura Michelle.

Movie of the week: Jimmy and "Girls"
Mar 12th: Gallery: A couple of new photos: Jim in the studio (thanks Laura Michelle!) and Jim w/ Steve Fekete and Al Berry and some friends. It was Steve's birthday party; actually a jam at the Paseo Club in Valencia, CA. Sorry about the quality of the photo. Must have been taken with a Nokia phone from the last millennium, but it's too precious to pass. Everyone seems so happy! 

Movie of the week:  Jim with Avril and Steve performing Smile at Walmart Soundcheck in 2011. Jim had an incredible on stage rapport with Ms. Avril. Miss those days...  By the way, muting "bitch"... Seriously??? I'd upload the filthy original but YouTube won't let me (copyrights and such)
Mar 3rd, 2018: Picture of the Week: Jimmy w/ Shakira, Glastonbury Festival, June 26 2010.  Video: Two clips from the performance w/ Gwen Stefani at the Post Super Bowl Party in Minneapolis.
Picture of the WeekJimmy and Paul Stanley, Live To Win tour - Atlanta, Oct 21, 2006. Paul Stanley hired the entire House Band from the Rockstar Supernova TV reality show as his backup band. Atlanta was the first of 14 concerts in North America. Jim was on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. Paul and the House Band toured Australia in April the following year. Unfortunately, Jimmy couldn't make it Down Under and was replaced with Brett Garsed. Talk about a bummer for yours truly :c(
Feb 18th 2018:  Movie of the  Week:  Closing  Ceremony of the  Winter  Olympics in Vancouver , Feb 28, 2010. Jimmy was there w/ Avril Lavigne, singing "My Happy Ending" and "Girlfriend". Probably one of the highlights of his career as professional musician. 
Feb 15th 2018:  Gallery: It appears Jimmy was in Minneapolis on Super Bowl night, performing with Gwen Stefani at the post game party at Mystic Lake Center. Some screen shots from that occasion here.

Picture of the Week
: Jimmy and Avril discussing something obviously very important at the band dinner in Sao Paulo (July 2011).  From memory,
it took them forever to arrive from Buenos Aires - there was some volcanic ash disrupting air traffic.  
Feb 12th 2018:  Since there is nothing to post apart from some grainy Instagram videos of Gwen shows with Jim blending with the background -  it's time to go down the memory lane. Rock never gets old, so hopefully  you'll enjoy it. There will be a Movie of the Week and Photo of the Week and I will try to post as regularly as I can.

So, without further ado:

Movie of the Week: Runaway w/Avril Lavigne - CBS Special, Feb 2007 Calgary.  Missing Jim's dreamy voice...
Feb 5th 2018:  Finally - Jim's beloved Philly Eagles won the Superbowl and  World (ahem...) Championship. Jim is over the moon, obviously. Check out his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. For the people adverse to Social Media - check  our News page. I seriously think that even a Grammy will not top this for Jimmy. Okay. Maybe it will - but very close. 
Dec 27th 2017:  Video: The last video from the NBC Today Show with Gwen Stefani. Gallery: Plus the inevitable  screenshots
Dec 22nd 2017:  Video: An awesome video of Jimmy and Steve performing with Gwen Stefani at the Children's Hospital in LA  yesterday. Gallery: Some screenshots as well. 
Dec 21st 2017:  Video: Another performance w/ Gwen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This time, Last Christmas, a cover of the Wham! iconic song. Recorded in late Nov. Gallery: Plus some screenshots
Dec 18th 2017:  Video: Just a little compilation video we made. Jim performing w/ Gwen.
Dec 15th 2017:  Well, Gwen Stefani's Christmas Special was a bit of a letdown as far as Jim was concerned, but then again, what can one expect? It's was Gwen's Christmas Special not Gwen's Band Christmas Special. Still managed to scramble a few screenshots  which are not so bad plus a nice shot of the band 
Dec 10th 2017:  Video: Jimmy performing with Gwen on The Ellen Show. Gallery: Some photos from the Ellen Show and the cool corporate gig for Apple. As dyed in the wool MAC enthusiast, Jimmy must have been over the moon! Gwen and the band were introduced by Tim Cook, the Apple CEO no less. 
Dec 6th 2017:  Well, I am sure Jimmy  has done some wild stuff in his life - but I don't  think we've seen him riding a CAMEL (!!!)  or a dune buggy. All that during the visit to Dubai  where he performed with Gwen Stefani  at the launch of Renaissance Downtown Hotel. Here are some photos from the occasion. And a video from YouTube. 
Dec 5th 2017:  Video:  Several recent Christmas performances with Gwen. Jim singing "Jingle Bells", wow. Seriously - one of them (You Make It Feel Like Christmas) for the BBC One Show is not half bad. Gallery: Here is a collage of Jim's closeups from that one. Plus some new  photos of performances with Gwen in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and  Westfield Shopping Mall in London. 
Nov 23nd, 2017 - Gallery: A whole album album of pix from the pre-taping of Gwen's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade performance. A couple of backstage shots (one, two)  from the taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  Video: And, strictly for the record, a video of Gwen's performance on the same show. Alas, nothing to see Jimmy-wise.
Nov 21st, 2017:  Video:  Jimmy started the holidays media blitz promoting Gwen Stefani's Christmas album. Check out the performance on the NBC Today show (Christmas Eve, When I Was A Little Girl, Santa Baby). Gallery: Here is an album of pix and screenshots from the same event.
Nov 15th, 2017:  Video:  Lately,  Jim has been working with Matthew Wade (aka My Silent Bravery). A couple of videos show that it's pretty cool. Feel free to check it out.
Oct 13th, 2017: Gallery: Another day, another corporate gig with Gwen Stefani. This time for Workday, Inc. which  is some cloud-based outfit. So we collected some "Where's Jimmy" type of photos from Instagram which you can see here. We are going through some videos too, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. Or not ;c)
Oct 10th, 2017: Aaaaand... we have an update! Check out our News section to see what Jimmy has been up to (some exciting news about Gwen Stefani) and a couple of shots with various people Jim is working with: Jada Grace and  Foxes & Lions.
Sep 24th, 2017: Gallery:  Jim posted a few (1, 2, 3) photos on Instagram, describing his 24 hours as a professional musician. All summarised in this collage we made. Hard life - and we mean it.   Video:  Oh, another combo video made of shaky and blurry Instagram clips. But it's w/ Gwen-effing-Stefani.
Sep 16th, 2017:  Aaaand... we are back! Actually, we never went anywhare, it's just that Jim was pretty quiet. Anyway - a bit of News what Jim's been up to as well as some Video from Jim's performance with Gwen Stefani in Seoul, South Korea a couple of days ago. And we managed to cobble together this collage  from blurry screenshots from the  said  videos.
July 18th, 2017:  Jim seems to have fallen from the face of the planet, put thanks to Steve Fekete, we were able to post a few cool photos of the best buds Steve and Jim: In Paris, At The Great Wall of China, In Front Of A Bikeshop Sometime, Somewhere and an AWESOME photo of The Awesomeness. Plus a couple of new photos with Matthew Wade (aka My Silent Bravery) with whom Jim has been collaborating lately (one, two)
July 10th, 2017:  A collage we made in honour of Jim's Birthday: stuff he did since his last birthday.
June 18th, 2017:  Video:  Jim's entire performance at the Lucky Strike Live club on May 24th. Jim performed 4 songs.
Gallery: A few shots from Jim's recent appearance witn Kate Voegele in Cleveland.
May 27th, 2017:  Video:  Another appearance in the  in Hollywood. Jim covered a couple of Billy Joel songs. Gallery:  Some awesome pix from the show.
May 15th, 2017:  Video:   Jim and (Steve Fekete) played another corporate show with Gwen Stefani. Very blurry videos out there but we managed to cobble something together. Gives you an idea of the awesomeness of the whole thing.
May 8th, 2017:  Long overdue, but finally here! Our brand new interview with da man himself!
May 5th, 2017:  Some odds and ends but still cool. Gallery:  A guitar Jim owned is on display at a Hard Rock Cafe; performing with Laura Michelle last year and lastly, a blast from the past, a photo from Jimmy's rocker days. Video:  two random clips of Jim performances 11 years  apart. 
April 9th, 2017:  Gallery:  Jim, together with his buddies Steve Fekete and Marc Slutsky, recently accompanied Laura Michelle during a mini promo tour in North Cali. Here are some photos.
April 8th, 2017:  Gallery:  Even more photos (1, 2, 3) from the Lucky Strike live! Plus a video clip of the performance of "Boys of the Summer" from the same show.
April 3rd, 2017:  Gallery: More photos from the Lucky Strike Live club from the other night. Also, some cool screenshots of Jim performing at the Willow Grove in 2015.
Mar 31st, 2017: Video:  Finaly! Last night,  Jim performed with his Best Damn Band mates Steve Fekete and Steve Ferlazzo in the Lucky Strike Live club in Hollywood. Also, here are some awesome photos from that momentous occasion. Well, we can always hope! We really, REALLY miss that Jim.
Mar  14th, 2017: Video:  We haven't posted in awhile as Jim has been holed up, producing in his studio. But thanks  to @CokeMusic on #Periscope again we got to see how it looks like. 
Feb 2nd, 2017: Video:  Jim played keyboard for Gwen Stefani on a couple of corporate shows in Las Vegas last month, so we made a little video of Instagram clips from the second one. Gallery: And some Instagram photos from the said show too. All blurry (as anything on Instagram) but still pretty cool. Oh, and a photo from the Green Hill studio.
Jan 22nd, 2017: News:  Check out what Jim has been up to since the beginning of the year!
Jan 18th, 2017: Video:  It appears that Jim is playing keyboards for the new studio record of Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the famous blues-rock guitarist. So here is a cool video of how it looks like, with thanks to Kenny Wayne Shepperd on Facebook. Gallery: A few photos as well. 
Jan 5th, 2017: Video:  Jim played himself in an episode of  Astrid Clover - a YouTube web series. Check it out, it's pretty funny.

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