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Over the years Jim has been interviewed by a number of publications including leading music industry magazines. Below are a few of many "Jim Quotes!" Check back often as we will be updating this section regularly.

From Jim to Michael

Jim on his most memorable concert performances
That's a good question. Usually the shows that stand out are when loved ones are in the audience. Or the venue is particularly special. Opening night with Paul Stanley at the Tabernacle in Atlanta was pretty cool. And we recently did a show with Avril in Dublin where Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer for U2) was in the crowd - he brought his daughter. I met him before the show and he was a total class act. U2 are one of my favorite bands in the world, plus I am Irish. That was pretty great to play a show knowing he was there to see it.10

Jim on the direction of his new record
Well, I can tell you that is much more light hearted in ways than my last record. A lot of the tracks are fun - even danceable. Much more funky and soulful.10

Jim on the differences between the European and North American Tour with Avril Lavigne 
They are pretty similar. I just kept getting the tie caught in my guitar, so I ditched it. The fans are pretty great and we have had some amazing crowds. It is natural for any performer to feed off of the energy of the crowd. Maybe that is translated in the videos?10

Jim on staying healthy on the road
Starbucks and sleep. Those are the two best things. I try to eat well - but sometimes it is hard. I really like Peanut M&M's.10

Jim on preparing for auditions
"It actually offends me when people walk in unprepared, saying things like, 'Can I borrow a cable?' It's unreal to me," said McGorman. "And if you're not prepared, don't make excuses. That just makes it worse."5

Jim on keeping material fresh and Avril fans
"I have the perfect answer," McGorman said. "It comes from [keyboardist] Paul Mirkovich. I worked with him in Cher 's band. He said to me, 'There's a kid out there who bought his tickets the day they went on sale. Every time I'm playing, I think about these kids who are so excited.' I think about that a lot with Avril, because all of her fans are passionate. How can you not deliver?"5

Jim on the state of the music industry and decline of CD sales
That’s the million dollar question, that’s what everybody is trying to figure out. I mean, the one good thing that I see, or… one of the many good things that I see, which is kind of cool for me as an artist and somebody who plays for other artists is… it feels like this is forcing record companies and everyone who works in the music business to be creative again. We’ve kinda been trudging along doing the same policies for years and years and years and now it’s forcing the heads of labels, forcing music managers and artists to start thinking again, thinking, “What can we do that’s different?” So… But nobody knows the answer, that’s why the music industry is in the state that it’s in.9

Jim's favorite Christmas song
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - hands down the greatest.8

Does Jim consider himself to be a guitar player or keyboard player?
I have been a piano player all of my life. It will always be my first love. I am in ways a much superior piano/keyboard player than I am a guitarist. But, over the past few years, I have been put in situations where people need me to play guitar. And I love that too. Playing guitar lets me stand up and move. There are things I love about both instruments - but as a writer, I seem to always go back to the piano. I am very comfortable sitting with that view - looking down at the keys. So, to answer your second question, I am both. It is interesting how people always want to put you in a box. No one wants to allow anyone to be more than one thing. I always find that funny. I always wanted to be a good MUSICIAN. Whether it was playing instruments, or singing or writing. The people I respect are great musicians.5

Confessions on Jim's CD collection
Surprised? Or embarrassed? Surprised - maybe Ibrahim Ferrer or… I have quite a lot of Mozart and Frank Sinatra. Though I am not embarrassed by anything I like, I think people might think I would be embarrassed about my love of Madonna. I must say, nothing gets me going in the morning like Get Into The Groove.7

Jim on what to bring to an audition
"Though the “right” guitar can help you – the wrong guitar can kill your chances of getting a gig. If you are trying out for Bonnie Raitt, don’t show up with a Flying V. Although people will tell you differently, a lot of musicians are snobbish when it comes to gear. Though there is no one guitar that rules the earth, you’re always pretty safe with one of the following: Les Paul, Strat or Tele. A PRS also works for a lot of gigs. From a sound and aesthetic perspective, you have to choose the guitar to match the job."7

Paul Mirkovich, music director from Rockstar on working with Jim
"He does anything I ask him to do exceptionally well," says Mirkovich. “He’s an amazing singer, he’s great guitar player, a great keyboard player." "He’s someone I rely upon heavily to help me do what I do running the band and working the arrangements." 1

Jim on his influence as a musician
"I went to Berklee College of Music (in Boston) I majored in (audio) engineering and producing. Being there exposed me to different types of music. The place showed me that there is a whole different type of thing out there than just Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen." 1

Jim's perspective working on Rockstar: Supernova
"There is a lot of prep work for this show," says McGorman. "We do a fair amount of rehearsing, but we have to come in knowing our parts. Together, we work out arrangements that differ from the original versions. We'll have to shorten songs to fit the show's time frame; work out beginnings, endings, and transitions; and incorporate the ideas of the rockers." 2

Jim's Top Five CD's of all time
"Pretty much most bands from England (Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Who - Tears for Fears, Travis, etc.), And, U2 Joshua Tree, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Hall N' Oates were HUGE for me. The Rolling Stone were HUGE also... Crowded House... Springsteen ("Streets of Philadelphia" is one of my most favorite songs). Most of the 80's pop/ rock stuff (from Bon Jovi to Genesis to Rick Springfield, Jackson Browne to Todd Rundgren... Prince and The Police too. As far as the soul side: JAMES BROWN is the funkiest man that has or ever will be "one of the best singers/ performers of all time". Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles piano playing is maybe my favorite - Philly sound, etc. Sorry for all the info, but know you've got an idea of the kind of stuff that moves me." 3

On rock movies...
"I'm a movie buff. I've been around them my whole life. My dad was in the business. So, I have seen Spinal Tap a million times. So, it's gotta be Spinal Tap. Purple Rain is pretty good but, ya know… it was Prince really trying to act. Spinal Tap was more a mockery of itself." 3

Jim's preference of computers
"I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuge Mac guy!! Huge!" 3

On being trapped in an elevator
"Hmmm. That's a good one. My fiance. Yahh. I'd say it would be her. Ahh. Wait a minute! 10 hours is a long time. I'd get real hungry if I'm stuck for 10 hours. Scratch my last answer. I'd need a food vendor. Probably an ice cream guy. That would be cool. [Jim laughs]." 3

Jim's gear of choice
Gear - Matchless HC-30s and Matchless Phoenix. Matchless makes great amps. They have bite, but they can be subtle when I need them to be. Also, for TV you have to control your volume a lot. The Matchless amps sound really good at low levels. I use quite a few guitars. Gibson's: Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Deluxe, Les Paul Special, ES-335-which I use a lot, since it just feels right for me on most songs, and the tone is very different than Rafa's--ES-345, Epiphone Casino, SG. I use a Tele for most of the INXS stuff, and Strats on occasion. My favorite electric guitar that I own, though, is a blond '72 Tele. For acoustics, it's Gibson all the way. I have a '66 Country Jumbo that is unbelievable. For the show I use a J-200 mostly, but also a J-45 and Hummingbird. Effects - Lots of FullTone pedals. For my main distortion I use the FullDrive 2. Plus, there's a FullTone Supatrem, a Deja' Vibe and an OCD. For heavier tones I'll use a Red Snapper--it really crunches. Then there's an Arion Chorus, a couple of Line 6 effects (Delay and Mod) and a Crybaby wah. I had a custom TrailerTrash Pedal Board made for me for the show. It's really cool! Everything is super-clean and very portable. For keys, I'm using a NordLead Electro. It only has five main sounds: Wurli, Rhodes, Clav, Piano and Organ. They're pretty damn good, for a keyboard. 4

Quotes about Jim

Avril Lavigne
Jim's been with me for years. He's a really talented musician and singer. I love working with him.11

Paul Stanley
It was great having Jimmy in my band. He's solid guitarist, great on keyboards and a really terarific singer. A real triple threat and triple pleasure.11

Michelle Branch
Jim was my first ever band leader when I was 16 or 17 years old. I barely knew what I was doing and he was really great at taking charge without stepping on anyone's toes. Let's just say he set the bar extremely high for everyone who followed. Not only he us a fantastic piano player, gutar player and singer, but he is the best hang too (which sometimes is the most important thing of all!) I learned so much from him!11

CC DeVille (Poison)
As this country and world collectively just dodged an ecological disaster in the Gulf Of Mexico, Jim McGorman is the musical enema that so many artists need now. (Huh?)

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