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September 24th, 2016 - Update from Jim, he is doing a web series!
We got an email from Jim with a heads up about the following:

I wanted to let you know that I am starting a web series today. It is something that has been in the works for a while and it is sponsored by Coke. It is called My Story and will chronicle the journey of an artist (Remington Jones) through the recording process. We will be doing our first live stream [Monday, Sep 19] at 4pm PST/7pm EST. We will be broadcasting on the @CokeMusic #Periscope channel. My periscope is JimmyMcGorman and I will join the broadcast and share it from there as well.

Jim will be anouncing these livestreams on Twitter and Facebook.  So keep checking! We will keep posting interesting stuff here.

June 25th, 2016 - Update from Jim, what's he been up to!
Says Jim, among other things:

I’ve been just working away on a lot of indie projects. The main one is a full album for an all female band out of Austin, TX called The Mrs. They have 3 lead singers so it was a challenge, but I am very proud of the record. It was a long process; been working on it since late Jan., but we are mastering next week.

I recently wrote a song (one of my favorites that I have written in a while) called Hope that a girl named Lisa Heller just put a video out for. Here is the link.

I occasionally do some things with Kate Voegele, and I’ve been playing a few little covers gigs in town as well.

With all of these songs I’ve been writing for other artists, it’s been hard for me to do anything on my own, but I am actually going to do a few versions of these songs - as I am very proud of them.

In addition:

Laura Michelle just dropped a music video for her hit single Chuck Norris featuring (you guessed it!) Chick Norris himself. Jim actually wrote this song  with Laura and a lot of her album, out Aug 5. Says Laura: "
He and I write really well together. He’s a fantastic songwriter."

Last but not least, 
Jimmy and Kate Voegele just released a video of them performing live her new and sunny Must Be Summertime.  The studio version which Jim produced and sings backing vocals is on Amazon's playlist #summersongs. Here's the link!

May 7th, 2016 - Collaboration on  "Young Hearts" w/ Em Rossi
After her breakthrough music video "Earthquake",  17-year-old singer/songwriter Em Rossi premiered her Young Hearts video on May 2 via teen culture outpost TWIST Magazine. Jim co-wrote and produced the song and also sings backing vocals (DEEEEE-vine if you ask us, especially the bridge). Check it out. It already has almost 1.5 million views on YouTube!

Apr 06th, 2016 - "Eathquake" by Em Rossi was actually written by Jim!
Em Rossi was featured as Artist of the Week in the Australian music blog Music Beats Central and this is what she said about her firts single "Earthquake" which is getting quite a bit of attention in the music world and on YouTube:

Your latest single “Earthquake” has received a positive response worldwide. How did the song come about? And what was the inspiration in writing this track?

I am so grateful for the incredible outpouring of support from everyone for my song Earthquake.

I never expected it to draw so much attention. My producer, Jim McGorman, had actually given this song to me while we were writing my EP.

We had written five songs together at the time and most of them were deep and emotional tracks about the recent loss of my father.

After we finished the first five songs, we felt like we needed to write a ballad together.

He came to me one day in the studio and said that he had written a song called “Earthquake” for another artist, but he kept thinking of me every time he listened to the track. He sent it over the next day and I fell in love with the song instantly.

The lyrics of the song fit so well with the other tracks we had written about losing my dad.

The inspiration of the song was that when unexpected and tragic moments alter our lives, there should always be a sense of hope that we can find the inner strength to push forward and come out stronger than we were before.

You can read the whole feature here

Mar 16th, 2016 - Another  Em Rossi feedback on working with Jim:
Em Rossi was interviewed by AXS and had some more nice things to say about working with Jimmy as well as what is coming next.

AXS: What would you say are the main things you learned from being in the studio with Jim McGorman?

ER: Jim has been a great mentor for me in the studio and a great friend. I am so grateful for his belief in me as a singer/songwriter. The main thing that Jim taught me was how to narrow down a unique path of musicality. I have always enjoyed a wide variety of genres, making it difficult at times to cluster everything into only a few songs. Aside from the musical approach, Jim and I began working together only six months after my dad passed away. It was a fragile and emotionally challenging time for me and my family to begin again in the studio. However, those times probably saved me from the darkest of paths. Jim’s studio became a sanctuary. He helped me hone and express my emotions into every recording. The greatest thing he gave me was the ability and confidence to breathe in the tones that I wanted to produce.

AXS: Can you tell us where you're at with finishing up your debut album? Can we expect the effort to drop soon?

ER: Jim and I have currently written and recorded eight songs. We have been releasing the tracks slowly. The second single, “Young Hearts,” will debut very soon along with the music video. We do not have a set date on the release of the album, but I know it won’t be too long of a wait.

You can read the whole article here

Mar 13th, 2016 - Em Rossi on working with Jim:
Seventeen year old singer/songwriter Em Rossi, who is gearing momentum and getting accolades for  her single Earthquake, had this to say about her collaboration with Jim:

Review Fix: What was it like to work with Jim McGorman?

Rossi: After I lost my dad, music had been put on hold for a few months. I had been writing a lot during those times about my emotions, fears, and thoughts. It was six months after losing my dad when I met Jim and began writing with him. I was extremely nervous going back into the studio after being away for a good amount of time with such a talented musician and producer. Jim guided me and helped me express those ideas in a cohesive musical path. We have created a great connection with one another and I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have him as a mentor and friend

You can read the whole article here

Jan 19th, 2016 - Update from Jim
Says Jim:

I am producing and using my studio a lot!! I am in the middle of producing two EPs for separate artists, and I believe one will turn into a full album.

I will be doing a handful of dates with Kate Voegele coming up in the beginning of February, all on the west coast (pls check Events).

Other than that, I am just writing and producing and doing sessions.

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