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 Sep 17th 2014 - Update from Jim: Willow Grove Sessions  
Says Jim:

I am shooting a special for Xfinity On Demand in Virginia - where I am playing some songs
with a few artists (Kate Voegele, Bek Phillips, Luke McMaster) and co-hosting a show.
Nick Lachey is our first guest.

You can read more about it here and even see a little movie (with Jim in it!)

This is an article about how the show went.

Here are some photos too. 

This first episode of the "Sessions at Willow Grove" with Nick Lachey will run from mid-October through the end of this year on Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand platform.


Sep 17th 2014 - Update from Jim: Flashback Reunion
Jim also says:

Also, we recently got a placement for Flashback Reunion for a new song called Anyone But Me - on the TV show Rush on USA - though I’m not  actually sure which episode. It was probably low in the mix anyway, but it’s been great that we have gotten two placements in the last six months. I am still working on new recordings/songs for that project - and plan to release an EP once I have the
collection of songs ready.

Just to remind you, Jim talked about the other placement in the recent interview for where he said:

We actually just got a placement (background) for that song (One Way Track) in NCIS:LA a few weeks ago!!"

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