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2010 -  A Year in Review
Jim spent this year mainly buried in his studio, producing for various artists.

However, he also performed: from small clubs with Zoe Scott to huge arenas with ShakiraHis house

Jim was present on the two main sporting events this year:

Jim was also on primetime (Tonight Show with Jay Leno) and daytime TV (The Ellen DeGeneres Show) and also managed to squeeze a few The Awesomeness shows.

Rumour has it that Jim was also seen in his local pet shop buying treats for Nahla and Sammy - but we can't confirm that.

So check out our Events section for a full list and also this collage we made to illustrate how busy this guy is.

Dec 16, 2010 -  You can now buy "Here" in iTunes!
From Jim's website:

Jim's song "Here" was recently featured in the indie movie White Irish Drinkers starring Karen Allen .

You can now buy the song on iTunes here (no pun intended)

Not to influence you or anything, but it's a wonderful, wonderful ballad that Jim wrote, just acoustic guitar, a bit of background keys and Jim's amazing, distinctive voice - all reason we are, well... here.

Nov 27, 2010 -  Unbelievable vs. Celebrity
A few months ago Jim sent us a new song and a note:

The song is called "Unbelievable". I wrote it with a few friends - Greg Lato and Emerson Swinford. it is a variation on a song for Greg's new Ep that is to come out soon (which I produced and co-wrote). His song is called "Celebrity", but we got a chance to submit a song for a movie, and the lyric needed to be  changed to fit the scene.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here they are:

Unbelievable - Jim McGorman

- Greg Lato (with Jimmy on backing vocals)

We are Jim fans and biased and all that, so we will refrain from any comments except that Jim's dreamy vocal just shines. No wonder we are fans, eh?

Oct 31, 2010 -  Another little update from Jim:
A couple of days ago, Jim posted on his Facebook that he'd been rehearsing with Weezer in the previous few days. That prompted us to ask him if he is planning to play with them.

Jim's response:

I mainly work with Weezer as a musical director - not a performer. I am just cranking away in the studio producing. Things are going well. Finished a single for Adam Rader which should be out early 2011.

Thanks Jim!

Oh, have a look again at what Adam Rader said about  the collaboration with Jim baby.

Oct 07, 2010 -  Update from Jim:
A couple of days ago we got another note from Jim in which he explained his involvement in the music of Zoe Scott:

"I had no part in her record - was just asked to help with her band and have been playing some local shows (and a few radio stations in Texas) with her. But, I will not be doing a full tour."

So now we know. Regarless that Jim is not involved, we have a few more videos with Zoe which we will post, cuz it's always great to see Jimmy performing. So check our Video page or here.

Oh, Jimmy shared a few bits of news with us as well:

"Been super busy in the studio working on projects for
, Adam Rader,  Bek Phillips, Ryan Lutz and a few other artists too. I am very excited about all of them and can't wait to be able to get this music out. I should be done with most of these within a month or so."

Thanks for the updates Jim!

Oct 03, 2010 -  Zoe Scott
What's with Jim and English born (and young and pretty ) female musicians? Just to remind you of the other lass he is collaborating with: Michelle Featherstone (aka Golden Delicious)


A month or so ago we got a li'l note from Jim where, among other things he said:

"I have been... working with an artist named Zoe Scott."

So ... we are happy to present you a few things from that collaboration.

There is a cool video of Jim performing with Zoe  at JJ's Song Salon, LA on September 20, 2010. Also a couple of photos from there.  He also accompanied Zoe for a visit to a few radio stations in Texas this week. There is only one photo of that for the moment, but we are hoping for more!

Sep 23, 2010 - Jim and Michelle Branch on Twitter:
Says @JJJMcG:

Awesome day in the studio with @michellebranch! That girl can SING. SO excited about this track!

Says @michellebranch:

Gonna go hang out with @JJJMcG The OG guitar/keyboard player in my Spirit Room band. We might record Standing on the Edge. Just saying. :)

Sep 12,  2010 - Update from Jim
Today we got an email from da man. Sez Jim:

"I have never been so busy in my life. Producing a ton of projects and working with a few bands in town. No touring plans right now. Just got my head down in the studio - writing and recording."

We hope it continues, Jim! And let's hope we hear some new music soon!

April 23,  2010 - All our AWESOME videos on YouTube
The Awesomeness - Hot Mess (Original Recording)
The Awesomeness - Hot Mess Live at The Viper Room!
80's Days
Sticky Situation

Please visit them and spread the word!

April 7,  2010 -  Another record Jim produced is on iTunes!
Says Jim:

Hey everyone! Please check out
Bek Phillips on iTunes. She is a great singer/artist - and don't let the fact that I produced the record influence you at all....enjoy!!!

Bek Phillips & Dear Daddy on iTunes

March 22,  2010 - The Awesomeness  had a radio debut!
It was on Philadephia's WXPN 88.5 with Helen Leicht's show! The song was "Too Hot Not To Handle" and there was a nice little intro about Jim, here is the stream in case you missed it.

There is a nice write up in the station's blog as well. You can comment there is you wish.

Also, don't forget to request the song, by phone if you're in the area or online.
The studio request line is open all hours, the number is 215-573-WXPN. You can also request the song by sending an email to or you can make an on-line request.

March 14,  2010 - The Awesomeness  play another show on April 1
The AWESOME Jim... oops, Val Derringer just announced another The Awesomeness show:

Just booked our next gig. The Awesomeness is playing The Mint on Thursday April 1st at 10pm! Our good friend Bek Phillips is playing too! Friday is a holiday, so come on out - and no, this is not an April fools joke. We ARE playing.

March 4,  2010 - The Awesomeness  got covered!!
Jim/VAL just posted on  Facebook (where else??)

OK, this is so freakin' awesome! Our new friend Colby has just made a youtube video of him covering The Awesomeness - 80's Days! Our first cover! He rocks it! Check him out in the glasses: Val D style!

Colby sings 80's Days

Also.... Colby sings Too Hot To Not Handle

March 3,  2010 - Jim on his collaboration with  Adam Rader
Says Jim:

Check out this new EPK from my friend: and great singer/songwriter Adam Rader. I produced his record [What Dreams Become] last year and he is really good! I am very proud of it.

Here is the part of the EPG where Adam talks about his collaboration with Jimmy. You can see Jim at work in his studio,

February 25,  2010 - You can now buy  The Awesomeness   music!!!
Jimmy McGorman (aka Val Derringer) on Facebook:

The Awesomeness is now available on iTunes!!! Please go and get some-review it- and help get the word out!!! Just type in The Awesomeness.
(Or... click here! )

The album is also available for download on Amazon and Rhapsody. (For USA only)

February 13,  2010 - Jim on last night's  The Awesomeness   showcase in  the Gibson Showroom:
Says Jim:

The showcase went really well. We had a bunch of friends and a few  cool industry people. We just did a short 5 song set. The sound was  good and we seemed to be in good voice. We met some new people and are  just trying to spread the word. Getting excited for our Viper Room show! All in all, it was a great night.

February 06,  2010 -Another The Awesomeness   show
Val Derringer (aka Jimmy McG) just announced another show of his band:

Just got done an awesome day of rehearsal and recording with The Awesomeness! Getting ready for a few upcoming shows. We've got a showcase next week at the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills on Thurs. Feb. 11th at 5:30pm. No cover - free drinks and snacks!

AND our Record Release Party at The Viper Room on Wed. Feb. 17th 9:30pm. Please come out and give yourself some Awesomeness. You deserve it!

February 04,  2010 - The Awesomeness   CD release party!
Just announced by Val Derringer (Jim McGorman): The Awesomeness record release party will be on Wednesday, Feb 17th!

Says Val baby:

RECORD RELEASE PARTY!!! Hey all, The Awesomeness invites you to our Record Release Party for our debut record Inside Your Head. This momentous occasion is 2 weeks from tonight - Wed. Feb. 17th at The Viper Room 9:30pm! We'll be playing, dancin, sellin' CDs and bringing The Awesomeness. Hope you can make it!


January 10,  2010 - The Awesomeness   video:
Another message from Val baby:

Check out the sweet new video for the soon to be classic song "Pants on the Ground" by The Awesomeness.  You will NOT be disappointed! Then RATE US!!!

January 10,  2010 - The Awesomeness  is here!!!
Message from Val Derringer (The Artist formerly known as Jimmy McGorman ):

Hey all.

My new band The Awesomeness has just launched our website
We are 80's influenced pop radness. Please check it out and visit our MySpace to hear the record -
Also, please join our fan page here.

Look out for posts about upcoming Feb. shows and how to get our record.


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