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December 14th, 2007 - New Holiday Interview with Jim and The Twelve Day of Christmas!

The Holiday Season is here and we are pleased to present our truly fun and festive "The Twelve Days of Christmas" feature commencing today!

Every day from December 14th through to December 25th we will be posting a very special holiday gift featuring -- Jim of course! What will the daily gift be? Perhaps a very rare clip of Jim performing? Well, we can't give it away! Simply visit our main website everyday at Jim McGorman - "On The Rebound" and click on the corresponding festively decorated door to reveal your daily present!



Dec 8, 2007 - YouTube video clips from the Jingle ball promo shows

They are from a few concerts. Not that great quality and not that much of Jim to be converted and hosted, but still cool to have a look at.

Hot, Stockton, CA - Clip 

Girlfriend, Burnaby, BC - Clip

I'm With You, Portland, OR - Clip

Losing Grip, Portland, OR - Clip

Sk8er Boi, Minneapolis, MN - Clip



Dec 1, 2007 - YouTube video clips from Unite Agains AIDS concert, Montreal, Nov 28

Don't get too excited, Jim looks like an ant, but the sound is pretty clear and you can see he's having a lot of fun.

All The Smal Things - Clip

He Wasn't - Clip1, Clip2

Losing Grip/Best Damn Thing - Clip1, Clip2

Best Damn Thing - Clip1, Clip2

Losing Grip - Clip1,

I'm With You - Clip1 , Clip2

Complicated - Clip1, Clip2

Girlfriend - Clip


Nov 28, 2007 -The MSN Control Room Live at the Roxy Concert Series Is Here!

It's now here! You can now view direct streaming performances from the Roxy and we must say, truly impressive. You can hear and see Jim throughout the performances!

Check out a beautiful rendition of Sarah McLachlan's Adia, and also Keep Holding On, Complicated, Hot, Losing Grip, Tomorrow, Girlfriend, Sk8er Boi.  More videos coming soon including downloadable versions and captures! Enjoy!

Nov 07, 2007 -The  Special Live Nation Online Concert was really cool!

Well it was short, sweet and acoustic. Firts an interview with Av, then she introduced her band. And then they preformed 3 songs: "Girlfriend", "Hot" and "Skater Boy" (Yes. We know. It's not spelled that way sunny.gif). They showed Jim quite a bit. Well no wonder, this is how Av introduced him (click on the link if you don't believe it!):

"And then we have Jim, who is awesome at vocals and he plays rhythm guitar!"

We are glad that he got the praise he deserves.

Here is a little collage of screen captures. Enjoy!

Oct 23, 2007 - Update from Jim: Hey from Mexico City!

Hey all,

Just wanted to check in and give you an update from the road. We’ve been in Mexico for almost a week and have our last show tonight. Things have been going well. The shows are always different, but we have ben doing this for a year now and the band is pretty tight. The “real” shosw (ones where we actually play for an hour or so are the best. That’s when we really have fun. The one song, two song things are always odd because you spen all day (sound check, lighting check, etc.) for a one song performance. Plus, promo is a rough shcedule with all of the flying, vanning and such, but the bulk of the heavy flying is almost over. We have one more Europe trip in a few weeks and then we are in Canada and the states for the rest of the year. It is amazing how fastthis year has gone by - and how many shows we have done. I think we are in the 40’s for TV shows alone! Speaking of TV, we’ve got a few good one’s coming up in Nov. American Music Awards on the 18th. Dancing with the Stars on the 20th. And Jay Leno on the 21st. That will be my 10th time on his show! Pretty crazy.

Also, I just had an article published in Premier Guitar (where else?).
It is a piece about how technology is affecting the music business.

Here is the link:

Anabolic Rock

I hope you enjoy it. Well, off to sound check for the last show in Mexico for the year!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get to the Journal, but hopefully this is just the beginning.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Sep 27nd, 2007We just got this message from Jim:

Song that Jim wrote and produced will be on a VH1 TV show.

I wanted to let you know that a song that I wrote and produced for Bret Michaels (lead singer of Poison) will be played on his TV show "Rock of Love" this week. (apparently) - it will be in the final episode. The song is titled "Fallen". They are using it in the trailers for the latest episode. He also mentions it on the website for his show on VH1.

This is what Bret says about the song:

VH1: Have you written any songs based on your experience on the show?

BM: Here’s what happened when I was writing the lyrics – I did this song with a friend, Jim McGorman. I started writing this song, but I didn’t have a chorus. [Jim] came in and had a chorus written from years earlier, so we melded the two songs together. Once I finished the song up and started to finish the lyrics, it was right after Rodeo left, and I was setting in the house, and all the sudden I had this feeling of what you would say to somebody. What’s going on in that moment in your life I express best when I’m setting alone writing lyrics. While we were filming, we finished the song. [The song’s] a little bit about Rodeo, and as the show went, [the song] has to do with the bittersweet ending I feel the show has.

The show will air on VH1 on Sunday, September 30 at 9 pm EDT. "Fallen" will also feature on Bret's new solo album "Custom Built". If you are from the USA, you can hear (and buy) the entire "Fallen" on the VH1 show website or if not, you can hear two minutes of it on Bret's MySpace.  Here is part of the video on YouTube. Awesome song. That you on backing vocals, Jim?wink.gif

 Aug 22nd, 2007 - Sympatico/MSN "Live at The Orange Lounge" is now up!

"Hit It Boys!"

The highly anticipated "Live At The Orange Lounge" series is now available for your viewing pleasure! The performance filmed in Toronto on June 18th at this boutique state of the art recording studio include performances of "Girlfriend," "Everything Back But You," "Hot," and "When You're Gone." We'll of course have lots of screen captures and downloadable videos and more here shortly so stay tuned! 

 Aug 20th, 2007 - A little blast from the past!

Apparently, Jim collaborated with Matt Nathanson in early 2006 on his album "Some Mad Hope". Check out these two cool photos from that.  Both were taken in the House of Blues recording studio, in Encino, CA in Feb 2006. The caption of this one (written by Matt) is: "jim mcgorman- he played keys and guitars on the first 2 recording sessions. he is also responsible for the sexy background vocals on 'car crash.'" The second photo has a funny caption as well (sorry Jim!) "jim assuming the 'taking a leak' stance, while overdubbing an organ part on 'sooner surrender'... " You can hear "Car Crash" (and Jim's sexy backing vocals)  on Matt's MySpace.

Aug 15th, 2007 - Jim is in Shanghai, China!

According to this China Daily article (bad grammar and all that) - Jim arrived there on Aug 13 (Monday). It's Avril's first solo concert in China and it's happening today. The article also says the following:

"...she will sing several numbers from her latest album "The Best Damn Thing", including a Mandarin version of 'Girlfriend'."

Well, we hope that Jim's Mandarin will be up to par with Avril's. Maybe even better. wink.gif

Aug 14th , 2007 - A few  YouTube video clips from Japan

Avril, Jim and the band performed 2 shows as part of the SummerSonic festival in Japan: one in Tokyo on the 11th and one in Osaka on 12th. Both shows were on huge stadiums so the home videos show mainly heads, arms and bad singing of the crowd.

HOW-ever - here are a few YouTube links of clips worth seeing. Kind of. Actually, only the first one is worth seeing - but it's only 8 seconds. The rest are strictly for the record. 

When You're Gone - and 8 secs of Jim 

I Can Do Better  - WATCH YOUR EARS! But you get the idea how good the band is.

I Don't Have To Try  - You can see flashes of Jim clapping if you really strain your eyes.

Of note: the videos look a tad "better" in smaller size.


August 8th 2007 - Email from Jim about a collaboration.

I co-wrote a song with a cool, talented new artist on myspace records (the first artist signed there, actually). Her name is Kate Voegele. The song is called "It's Only Life" and it looks like her management is pushing the song to a bunch of TV shows and indie movies - so look out for that (and please let me know if you hear it). It may even be one of her singles. It is her most popular download on iTunes by far.

Thought you might want to check it out! The bridge of the song is very me (my favorite part). I hope you dig it.

So...Check out the song on Kate's MySpace (it's really good!) and let's keep Jim posted! grin.gif Here is the iTunes link

July 25th, 2007 - Update on the "Live at  the Orange Lounge"  - private concert series!

We just received an update from officials at regarding the online launch date of the "Live At The Orange Lounge" private concert series.

The show launch date is August 9th. We will of course keep you posted as we receive further information back from our friends at Sympatico.  Once the show airs we'll of course post the videos, captures and much more here!  

July 23rd, 2007 - Transcript of a part of the interview with Avril on A&E Private Sessions

Lynn Hoffman: You had the task of assembling a new band for this record, how difficult of a task was that? Avril: It was actually kind of hard.  Well I was looking for really great players, like pros, I wanted them to look cool and be cool. I have to be blown away and I just don't settle you know.  Lynn Hoffman: What do you look for? Avril: I was looking for everyone in the band to have phenomenal background vocals. Lynn Hoffman:  That is key. 

Avril: So you have to be really good. The guitar player had to be really good and he had to have great vocals, so when we do acoustic stuff, he could sing with me and we could sound good together with the harmonies. 

We wonder who she had in mind when she said this? hmm.gif 


July 20th, 2007 - The second Avril Euro Promo has just finished :)

After five weeks on the road with travelling and having a show almost every day, all the best to Jim on his truly well deserved break!

July 19th, 2007 - A & E Private Sessions performance!

Don't forget to tune into A & E on Sunday July 22nd at 9 AM EST to watch Jim performing with Avril! The A & E Private Sessions will also reair on July 29th at 4 AM EST. For more details visit our Events page for info and other appearance information.

July 11,2007: Jim performed in Locarno, Switzerland yesterday

Avril, Jim with the band and four dancers (egad!) performed a mini-concert yesterday at the  outdoor festival Moon and Stars in Locarno, Switzerland. Owing to the cell phone technology - here are links to a few cool albeit crappy snippets. Strictly for the record.

Everything Back But You - Avril introducing the dancers and the band ("...Jim on guitar and vocals")

When You're Gone - A few glimpses of Jim on the big screen

Of note: the videos look a tad "better" in smaller size.

July 7,2007: Classic rock cover performed at Oxegen '07 Festival in Naas, Ireland!

Another series of concerts kicked off today including great new and old Avril songs performed in addition to the Blink182 song All The Small Things. Jim and the band also rocked out during their version of Led Zepplin's Kashmir! To read a report on the show and full set list visit - Avril Covers Blink182 At Oxegen

July 2,2007: Acoustic performance!

Remember Jim's Rockstar days? Well, today he did an acoustic performance with Avril and Devin for the German TV show Viva. They performed Girlfriend and When You're Gone. Simply awesome stuff. Stand by for HQ video clips...

June 29,2007: Jim rocked with Avril in Amsterdam last night

Check out these couple of YouTube snippets of Jim performing with Avril in Hotel Arena in Amsterdam yesterday: Girlfriend and Skater Boy. Here are a few more, LQ ones, but we are talking leather-clad Jim, soooo... batbat.gif. Girlfriend 1, Girlfriend 2 , My Happy Ending , When You're Gone, Skater Boy

June 29,2007: Jim McGorman Newletter sent out!

The Jim McGorman Newsletter #9 has just been sent out to our subscribers so please check your mailboxes. If you'd like to join the Newsletter distribution list - it's not too late. Just go here

June 27, 2007Jim did a private concert with Avril and the band for the Los40 radio station in
Spain yesterday. 

If you search YouTube you will find all sorts of home videos from that appearance. The concert will be shown on Spanish TV and we hope to get a full HQ copy of it. But until that time, here are a few YouTube videos that we've selected where you can see Jim. You can hear him alright, fear not! cool.gif

Full songs: My Happy Ending ; Complicated ; Girlfriend ; Sk8er Boi

Partial: Complicated ; My Happy Ending ; When You're Gone ; I Can Do Better; Everything Back But You

The credits are on YouTube.

June 17, 2007Jim will be one busy fellow in the next few weeks (five to be precise) 

Jim has just embarked on a five week journey with Avril and his bandmates from her band. They will be doing The Much Music Awards in Toronto today and then a lot of promo shows all over Europe, starting with Europe 2 TV appearance on June 22 in Paris and finishing on with Gurtenfestival in Berne Switzerland on July 19. Check out our Events page to see Jim's itinerary.

We just wanted to wish Jim good luck and lots of fun on his travels! jim.gif

June 15, 2007 - We're just glad that Jim is playing for and singing with a top artist like Avril

Review of Avril's new single "When You're Gone" from Billboard:

Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" propelled the singer/songwriter to a lofty pedestal: The 22-year-old now has the most No. 1 top 40 hits this decade at five and is the No. 2 artist in the 14-year history of Nielsen BDS, behind Mariah Carey's six chart-toppers. "When You're Gone," the second single from No. 1 album "The Best Damn Thing," shifts the pacing from the frenetic head-banging of "Girlfriend" to a pensive, piano-driven power ballad. A poignant videoclip adds to universality, featuring a husband leaving his pregnant wife for war, a senior who has lost his wife and a teen couple forbidden to be together. Splendid melody, visible message and ace solemn production add up to likelihood of another No. 1 pop peak. —Chuck Taylor

June 2, 2007 - A totally unsolicited but pretty cool reference for Jim

John Thomasson, a session bass player from Austin TX, wrote this on the Talk Bass message board about a year ago. Well good on you Jim! :)

I've been working on a record out in L.A. with Matt Nathanson, and Jim McGorman from the Rockstar house band [who] has been playing keyboards and guitar. That guy really has it together. I learned a lot about what is expected as a L.A. session guy from Jim. The guy was just a fountain of ideas to contribute and he never made a mistake.

May 28, 2007 - The View show with Jim performing on 2 songs was shown this morning

The View show, where Jim, as part of Avril backup band performed two songs was shown this morning. The show was pre-recorded a couple of weeks ago - Rosie is still there.

May 14, 2007 - From Dave Allen's blog

Dave (Dalbo) Allen, the drummer of Jamestown Ltd, wrote in his MySpace blog today, among other things, the following:

"It has been so wonderful to be back in Los Angeles again and off the road. I have been busy back in town, playing drums and percussion with a nice mix of studio sessions and live shows...

... a song with Brett Michaels (lead singer of POISON) produced/co-written by Jimmy McGorman (Avril Lavigne), for Brett's reality tv show ..."

May 5, 2007 - Hello from us!

We just wanted to say hi. We took advantage of Jim's break (we are sure he is having fun!)  and took a little break ourselves to catch up on other (i.e. non-Jim) aspects of our lives. Well we needed one, don't you think so? :cP

But we are back so keep checking for new, cool updates almost daily.

April 19, 2007 - Jim posted on 

Jim checked in his thread today and among other things he said, "It was a fun, but tiresome week. SNL and Letterman are off the list! We shoot Ellen today and then I have a little break. Wonder if she'll remember me from when I played with Dilanna? We'll see. " We are sure she will, Jim :)

April 13, 2007
- Jim's website updated. Again.

The Photo Gallery on the Jim McGorman Official Website has been updated with some cool photos of Jim; alone and with Avril Lavigne, Paul Stanley, Dilana, the guys from the Houseband and Poison. So check it out!

April 12, 2007
- Jim's website updated again

Jim McGorman Official Website has been updated again tonight. Check out the revamped About section and Jim's impressive CV. Cool layout too - with the little white slider. Neat. :)

April 11, 2007 - Jim's website updated!

Jim McGorman Official Website has been updated. The updated sections are: Latest Newsnice photo Jim! :) Links and Rockstar. So check it out.

April 6, 2007 - New article about Jim and Newsletter #6!

New article featuring Jim - from his hometown paper The Courier Post Online! Cherry Hill guitarist backs Avril Lavigne on current tour :)

Also, the sixth issue of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page! You can also check the first issue there. :c)

March 26, 2007 - EXTRA!!! We just received an update from Jim! Thanks Jim! And... congratulations! :c)

Hey everyone - Long time no say.

Just checking in with an update. I've been crazy busy lately. I had to leave town to get a break! I'm  writing to you from Paris. Just got over here to work with Avril for  a few weeks. We recently did some on line tapings that should be  airing soon - that was cool. Now we are hitting the TV radio circuit  over in Europe.

Working with Avril is great! Things are going well  and I've never been so busy. In addition to my Avril duties, I just  finished working in the studio with Poison and legendary producer Don Was. We did a new record of covers. It was a really fun and cool experience. Not sure when that will come out. I played keyboards and sang. I also just finished co-writing and co-producing a song for Bret Michales' new solo record. Apparently, he will be featuring the song in an episode of his new reality series on VH1. I think it airs in July. I've also been crazy busy with other studio projects -playing guitar and producing.

As far as the House Band/ Rock Star  stuff - I am a bit out of the loop. I have heard no mention of a new  season - only that a month ago they were "working on it"? You can take that for what it is. I believe all the other guys are still going to Australia with Paul Stanley next month and I think they have  found someone to replace me. (Not sure who). I wish them the best of luck! I'm sure they will rock it - I will be with them in spirit.

As far as my schedule - We (Avril, the band and I) will be doing a ton of TV stuff coming up next month in the states. Saturday Night Live here we come!

After that - I will be taking a few weeks off at the end of April into May. As of now, I will not be traveling with Avril and the guys for the Asia/Australia run. Sorry. I've got to go and get married!

I hope this finds all of you well and thank you again for your support.

March 20, 2007 - Commercial for the April 2 CBC exclusive show.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation started showing the commercial for the Avril exclusive April 2 show which was taped last month in Calgary.  

On another note - Jim played another private live show at The Scala in London yesterday. We will post pictures and videos of Jim as they become available.

March 18, 2007 - Hear Jim  as Avril and her touring band perform for UK Radio 1!

If you are wondering how the band that Jim is currently playing for (Avril Lavigne's touring band)  sounds like, check out our Music page. Just scoll to the "Backing Avril Lavigne" part. We can assure you, you will not regret it - they are incredibly tight and... it's Jim there, unmistakeably! You can't miss that rhythm guitar and voice.

March 17, 2007 - Jim on Y! Music Nissan Live Sets!

The show that Jim recorded backing up Avril earlier this month in West LA, will be on Yahoo! Music Nissan Live Sets starting May 1st. 

Just a reminder, here are a few fuzzy photos from that event from our Jim McGallery.

Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day! ::wink::

March 16, 2007 - New album of photos from The Mint!

Gina and David were so kind to share their amazing photos taken during the Jamestown Ltd. performance  at The Mint, LA on September 22, 2006. Thank you Gina and David!

March 15, 2007 - Issue #5 of our Jim McGorman newsletter has just been sent out!

The fifth issue of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page! You can also check the first issue there. :c)

 March 9, 2007 - Jim will be on Canadian TV on April 2nd!

That's the exclusive Avril Lavigne concert taped in Calgary on February 15th. It will be a 90 minute show on CBC Television and of course about Avril - but we are sure that we will get a lot of Jim TV moments. The show will air at 8 PM/8:30 NT as posted on Avril Lavigne Official Website.

You can find out all the details about the show in today's Calgary Herald article.

March 6, 2007 - Jim performed with Avril in West LA last night!

Gina attended the the taping of Yahoo! Music Live Sets last night in West LA and this is the brief account she gave us:

"I went to the show and it was great!  I was blown away by the fact that although Jimmy just joined Avril's band,  he is such a huge part of the band with singing the background vocals ( he has such an amazing voice) and just being right out in front showing his guitar skills... She would be lost without him!!  When they did pick-ups after Avril left the stage, it was just Jimmy singing and really, he was so great!"

Jim also had some nice words to say about our website ;) Thanks Gina!

You can find some photos from the taping here!

March 4, 2007 - Issue #4 of our Jim McGorman newsletter has just been sent out!

The fourth issue of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page! You can also check the first issue there. :c)

February 24, 2007 - New Section!

Check out our new section. There you can find information about Jim's upcoming TV, online and other apprearances; also concert dates as they are officially announced, of course. 

February 22, 2007 - Jim will be performing in West LA on March 5th.

Avril and her touring band (with Jim of course!) will perform for Nissan Live Sets in West Los Angeles, CA. on March 5th. It will be an exclusive major internet event and Yahoo! Music and RCA Records is letting 200 fans attend. 

February 20, 2007 - Issue #3 of our Jim McGorman newsletter has just been sent out!

The third issue of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page! You can also check the first issue there. :c)

February 15, 2007 - Kimberly met Jim in Calgary today!

Jim was in Calgary today with Avril Lavigne and her band for a special concert TV show that will air on CBC Canada on April 2nd, 2007.  This show was the first opportunity for fans to hear material from Avril's new album "The Best Damn Thing," released on April 17th.  The concert was a mix of new and older Avril material, which was totally rockin'!  

After the show, Kimberly had the chance to chat with Jim (he is doing really great!) and he is very excited about this new opportunity to perform with Avril and the other amazing musicians in the band.   Jim did an awesome job as he always does, he sounded great! When the show airs it'll be a real treat for fans! :)

Kimberly spoke with Jim about a number of things. He also mentioned himself how appreciative he is of the work we have done on our "On The Rebound" site and the broader outreach it has/is to his fans.

They also spoke about Avril's new songs and how many of them are "single" or "hit" potential which Kim fully agrees with. Also they touched upon the sound of the show - which when you see it, is very impressive :)

A very nice conversation and great to see him in Calgary which by the way is quite slushy with the melting snow.  Jim needs to bring boots next time although he doesn't have any! :P Which makes sense, living in L.A!

Great to see Jim and all the best with Avril and the band over the months to come! 

February 12, 2007 - Jim will be in Calgary on February 15th!

We just got a confirmation that Avril Lavigne and her band and therefore our favourite rhythm guitarist as well :c) will be taping a TV show in Calgary, Alberta. Since one of us is from that fine city - stay tuned! :c)

February 11, 2007 - Our new Jim McGorman Newsletter has been sent out!

The second issue of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page! You can also check the first issue there. :c)

February 8, 2007 - Jamestown Ltd. song played on college radio!

Jamestown Ltd. song The World Is Falling Down was played yesterday on WXPN 88.5, a public radio station from the University of Pennsylvania.

This is great news as this station is the nationally recognized leader in Triple A radio and the premier guide for discovering new and significant artists in rock, blues, roots, and folk. It is a non-commercial, member-supported radio service of the University of Pennsylvania. It covers the greater Philadelphia/South Jersey area as well as Lehigh Valley, Worton/Baltimore and Harrisburg.

Good on you Jim and Jamestown Ltd. and let's hope for more radio play :c)

February 7, 2007
- Update from Jim

We just received an update from Jim:

 He is actually in rehearsals with Avril right now. He is in her band and is planning on touring with her for the next year and beyond.  

With her schedule, he will not be able to go to Australia with Paul Stanley and the House Band. To his knowledge, it has not been decided whether they will get another guitarist/singer to replace Jim (for that tour) - or if they will do it on their own.

Thanks Jim!

February 4, 2007 - Our first Jim McGorman Newsletter has been sent out!

The first edition of "On The Rebound - Jim McGorman Newsletter" has just been sent out so check your emails! If you aren't a current subscriber of our newsletter, join today! You can sign up on our Newsletter page!

January 30, 2007
- Jim visited our website

We are pleased to announce that Jim viewed and acknowledged our site. We are thrilled! Thanks to everyone for all your support of Jim.

January 22, 2007 - Jim's article featured on several other websites

Jim's "Living The Dream" article is featured in the News section of Roadrunner Records site and caused quite a few comments from Kiss  fans. Quite interesting read, so check it out.

You can also find the article posted in the News section of the music online publication Brave Words

This all just proves how well written and interesting it is. :)

January 11, 2007 - Jim's most recent post on 

Hey everyone,
I am writing today to set the record straight. First of all, I apologize in advance if I have a bit if a sour tone, but I am a little perturbed about the recent postings regarding me, the House Band and Magni. Before I continue, I would like to thank all of the people who "wrote in" - saying that they would follow me wherever I went and that they are happy for me in my endeavors. Thank you very much. - Now...
I had preivously written about some new developments in the future for me. As I'm sure you all know by now, I have been asked to join Avril Lavigne's new band. The details of that arrangement are private, but obviusly I will most likely be busy playing with her for the better part of 2007 and possibly further. That being said, here are a few facts . 1. I have not "quit" the House Band. 2. Magni has not replaced me in the House Band. 3. Magni has not replaced me for the Paul Stanley tour. 4. The future of a third season for Rock Star is unclear and uncertain. 5. The future of the House Band (in any capacity) will be determined by it's members and it's members only. - OK. Now that I've said my peace, I want to let everyone know that the House Band is a very special band and each of the members mean a great deal to me as people and musicians. I will continue to play with them any chance that I get and will miss not playing with them on a daily basis. On the other hand, I am excited and honored to be playing with an artist as cool and talented as Avril Lavigne. She has assembled a great band and I am looking forward to having fun playing with them. Working with her will also involve several television appearances - and we all know how much I love being on camera! So that's cool. In addition, I will be starting to write songs again for the next Jamestown Ltd. record and exploring promotional options for The World Is Falling Down.
By the way, I've had to add the Ltd. to the name to circumvent a potenial lawsuit. -also, I should be updating my website this month (hopefully, if my web guys are available) with new news and such. I'll post a comment when it's up. Please check that out when it's ready. Again, thanks to everyone that has been so supportive of me. I truly appreciate it.
Talk soon


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